Quilts to be sold January 21, 2014
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Improved Lone Star

Lot 115 Trip Around the Star Q 100X116

Lot 201 Broken Twinkling Star Q 102X111

Lot 252 Log Cabin 8 Point Star Q 101X108

Lot 266 Summer Flowers Q 102X112

Lot 347 Broken Star Q 104X117

Lot 348 Rising Star Q 105X115

Lot 353 Framed Butterflies Q 102X115

Lot 357 Mariners Compass Star Q 103X116

Lot 368 Flowers in the Vine Q 104X113

Lot 374 Rose of Sharon Q 104X117

Lot 379 Broken Mariners Compass Q 103X110

Lot 41 Star in the Cabin Q 101X114

Lot 44 Grapes in the Garden Q 101X112

Lot 72 Flower Star Q 106X114

Lot 77 Trip Around the Peacock Q 103X113

Lot 91 Leaf ring Q 108X113

Lot 94 Lily of the Valley Q 103X113

Lot 96 Improved Lone Star Q 98X111

Lot 98 Fishbone Q 106X115

Star Fan

Star in the Cabin