Quilts to be sold July 16, 2013
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Quilt top 267 Log Cabin with screen print bear 100x110

Quilt 184 Victorian Flower Basket 98x112

Quilt 195 Trip Around the Star 104x114

Quilt 300 Flower Wreath 86x103

Quilt 318 Star Log Cabin 103x108

Quilt 327 Star Log Cabin 103x112

Quilt 35 Twinkling Diamond Star 104x116

Quilt 382 Flower Star 104x114

Quilt 410 Kenda 100x111

Quilt 415 Trip around the Peacock 102x117

Quilt 420 Cathedral Window 101x101

Quilt 422 Cathedral Window 92x101

Quilt 44 Framed Double Wreath 102x114 with border

Quilt 446 Flower Star 103x114

Quilt 496 Spin Star 103x119

Quilt 545 Pinwheel Kaleidoscope 104x117

Quilt 607 Stars over the Cabin 105x117

Quilt 639 Proud Peacock 104x116

Quilt Top 47 Boston Commons 99x110

Quilt top 268 Sleeping under the Stars 99x109

Quilt top 520 Illusion Barjello 101x115