Quilts to be sold May 21, 2013
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Quilt 241 Heart of Roses with border 100x111

Quilt 249 Log Cabin Star 98x110

Quilt 25 Framed Compass Star 104x115

Quilt 294 Improved Lone Star 99x114

Quilt 307 Featherd Star Log Cabin 101x115

Quilt 313 Star in Stars with border 98x111

Quilt 32 Broken Star with Stars 101x114

Quilt 405 Star 86x103

Quilt 491 Swan 105x115

Quilt 538 Sunrise through the window 106x112

Quilt 647 Flower Garden 102x111

Quilt 662 Trip around the world 103x112

Quilt Top 37 Sunflower Garden 86x108

Quilt Top Quilters Dream 96x108