Quilts to be sold March 12, 2013
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Quilt 15 Stars around the cabin 106x116

Quilt 159 Spin Star 97x98

Quilt 17 Split Star 102x114

Quilt 22 Rhapsody 106x115

Quilt 226 Kendra 99x110

Quilt 239 Diamond Bargello Wave 104x111

Quilt 242 Snowflake among the stars 109x115

Quilt 275 Screen Print Horse 79x95

Quilt 290 Country Hearts 92x107

Quilt 406 Boston Commons 106x111

Quilt 530 Snowflake among the stars 109x115

Quilt 62 Broken Star Fan 105x115

Quilt 76 Migration over the Cabin 102x113

Quilt 804 Kaleidoscope 104x116

Quilt 821 Trip Around the Star 106x115

Quilt 838 Broken Twinkling Star 103x116

Quilt 91 Flower Wreath 94x109

Quilt Top 255 Ribbon Sweetheart 100x113 (spots)

Quilt top 258 Romantic Ribbon with border 99x109

Quilt top 301 Trip Around the Star 99x113