Quilts to be sold January 15, 2013
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Quilt 145 Broken Star Fan 101x113

Quilt 165 Star in Commons 95x112 signed and dated

Quilt 173 Star in Stars 99x110 with border

Quilt 178 Wedding Ring with border 102x114

Quilt 18 Kaleidoscope Log Cabin 104x116

Quilt 189 Doubke Franed Flowers 106x114

Quilt 192 Broken Twinkling Sta

Quilt 240 8 point stars 102x114

Quilt 247 Trip Around the World 106x116

Quilt 307 Flowers around the Cabin 96x110

Quilt 32 Diamond Tiara 102x115

Quilt 387 Heart of Rose 96x110

Quilt 94x108 Lancaster Rose 94x108

Quilt TOp 87 Gridlock Blocks 101x111

Quilt top 120 Sleeping under the Stars 99x108