Quilts to be sold November 13, 2012
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Quilt 127 Heart of Roses 96x111

Quilt 128 Completed Broken Star 104x114

Quilt 244 Star Gazing in the Garden 100x111

Quilt 248 Star in Stars with border 102x112

Quilt 25 Log Cabin 108x117

Quilt 343 Framed Improved Lone Star 105x117

Quilt 432 Stars over the Cabin 104x112

Quilt 518 Lone Star 112x114

Quilt 52 Flowers on the Mountain 99x122

Quilt 623 Morning Glory 104x114

Quilt 631 Heart of Roses 104x113

Quilt 715 Spring Flowers 104x116 (spots)

Quilt 794 Star in Stars with border 101x110

Quilt 80 Country Bride 105x115

Quilt 821 Star Gazing in the Garden 100x112

Quilt 936 Rose of Sharon with border 104x117

Quilt 942 Circle of Flowers 103x114 (spots)

Quilt 949 Views from the Log Cabin 105x115

Quilt Top 194 Moose in the Log Cabin 101x113

Quilt Top 741 Squash Blossom 103x115