Quilts to be sold September 18, 2012
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IMG 4848

Lot 400 Marseilles Table Runner 31x79

close up

Quilt 122 Broken Star 108x115

Quilt 130 Kaleidocscope pieces 101x116

Quilt 181 Star Log Cabin 105x119

Quilt 27 Broken Kaleidoscope 104x115

Quilt 272 Trip Around the World 107x116

Quilt 364 Heart of Roses with border 100x106

Quilt 471 Completed Broken Star 100x 113

Quilt 490 Iris wreath 96x197

Quilt 530 Antique Signal Flag Material(World War 2)

Quilt 547 Mosaic Memories 114x115

Quilt 548 Tumbling Blocks 112x112

Quilt 55 Broken Twinking Star 102x116

Quilt 60 Leafy Irish Chain 103x116

Quilt 635 Double Framed Flowers 102x114

Quilt 75 Barjello 105x115

Quilt Top 242 Boston Commons MFQ 100x114

Quilt Top 554 Star Spin MFQ 122x122

Quilt Top 88 Blossoms of Love 99x107

Quilt Top 89 Log Cabin with Elk 97x111