Quilts to be sold July 17, 2012
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Quilt 164 Star Log Cabin 106x116

Quilt 218 Peacock with border spots on back 105x115

Quilt 284 Stars all Around 104x116

Quilt 3 Mariners Compass 105x116

Quilt 302 Star Spin 92x111

Quilt 332 Heart of Roses with border 100x112

Quilt 348 Trip Around the World 101x111

Quilt 383 Broken Twinkling Star 104x113

Quilt 389 BRoken Star Fan 105x115

Quilt 392 Broken Star with Tulips 104 x113

Quilt 393 Star Log Cabin 92x111

Quilt 396 Log Cabin 8 point star 97x109 color bleed

Quilt 399 Whimsical windwill Log Cabin with pillow case and sham 64x87

Quilt 462 Block Patchwork 102x113

Quilt 481 Country Rose with border 104x115

Quilt 543 Lone Star 102x112

Quilt 579 Rays of Sunshine 105x117

Quilt 590 Log Cabin Compass Star 106x119

Quilt 657 Framed Improved Lone Star 104x116

Quilt 659 Broken Star 101x113

Quilt 732 Trip Around The World 96x110

Quilt Top 152 Tulip Medallion 90x90

Quilt Top Shadow Star 100x112