Quilts to be sold May 15, 2012
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Quilt 13 Butterflies at the Crossing 98x111

Quilt 18 Trip Around the World 107x117

Quilt 234 Broken Star 110x112

Quilt 319 Spin Star 102x116

Quilt 350 Tumbling Block 101x112 spot

Quilt 366 Double Framed Flowers 106x116

Quilt 389 Broken Star 109x118

Quilt 409 Antique Block Patchwork 56x80

Quilt 455 Antique Brides 76x77

Quilt 477 Star in Star 102x115

Quilt 483 Country Bride with border 103x114

Quilt 536 Tulips Galore 104x112 spots

Quilt 541 Broken Star with stars 104x117

Quilt 543 8 Point Stars 103x115

Quilt 7 Log Cabin 8 pt star 98x109

Wall Hanging 342 Labyrinth 49x50