Quilts to be sold January 17, 2012
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Quilt 145 Broken Star with Flowers with border 108x114

Quilt 20 Completed Broken Star 103x118

Quilt 208 Spin Star 105x118

Quilt 23 Broken Star withStars 102x114

Quilt 563 Stars over the Cabin 106x116

Quilt 634 Star in Stars with border 105x115

Quilt 654 Broken Star with tulips 104x114

Quilt 968 Star Gazing in the Garden 105x120

Quilt Top 177 Log Cabin 98x109

Quilt Top 181 Churn Dash 55x70

Quilt Top 192 Lone Star with Flowers 90x111

Quilt Top 340 Roman Cross 94x106

Quilt Top 357 Boston Commons 100x110