Quilts to be sold November 15, 2011
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IMG 4233

Quilt 13 Rising Star with Stars 107x114

Quilt 165 Broken Star Burst 103x113

Quilt 199 Trip around the World 106x116

Quilt 280 Lily of the Valley with border 105x115

Quilt 35 Star in Stars 101x115

Quilt 359 Double Framed Flowers 105x116

Quilt 468 Star in Split Commons with Stars 105x114

Quilt 471 Stars over the Cabin 104x114

Quilt 595 Broken TWinkling Star 103x114

Quilt 602 Broken Star with flowers with border 105x114

Quilt 606 Broken Star with Flowers with Border 102x113

Quilt 708 Indian Wedding Ring 102x114

Quilt 892 Rose Wreath 102x114

Quilt Top 154 Boston Commons 97x110

Quilt Top 298 Scrappy Compass 104x116

Quilt Top 438 Heart Bargello 107x109