Quilts to be sold September 13, 2011
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IMG 4136

Quilt 189 Hearts of Roses with border 101x107

Quilt 214 Starry Log Cabin 105x114

Quilt 245 Dolphins in the Cabin 102x115

Quilt 320 Spin Star 102x117

Quilt 344 Flower Basket in the Star 107x116

Quilt 350 Framed Love Doves in a Wreath with border 103x113

Quilt 362 Hexagon Patchwork with stars 107x116

Quilt 43 Stars in the Cabin 106x114

Quilt 446 Flower Star 106x113

Quilt 476 Country Grapes with border 107x115

Quilt 520 Stars in the Cabin 99x112

Quilt 561 Wedding Ring with border 104x116

Quilt 572 Escalating Patchwotk 98x111

Quilt 600 Stars in the Log Cabin 102x113

Quilt 603 Broken Twinkling Star 98x116

Quilt 604 Heart of Roses 98x110