Quilts to be sold July 19, 2011
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Quilt 130 Log Cabin Star 93x104 (stain on back)

Quilt 131 Starry Patchwork 95x107

Quilt 15 Poppy Rose 103x115

Quilt 168 Escalating Patchwork 95x107

Quilt 173 Trip Around the Sweetheart 102x116

Quilt 21 Heart fo Roses with border 103x115

Quilt 215 Lone Star 114x115

Quilt 261 Leafy Flower Bouquet 104x114

Quilt 356 Trip Around the Sweetheart 104x115

Quilt 396 Country Rose with Border 104x114

Quilt 404 Love Ring 100x117

Quilt 405 Wedding Ring 95x117

Quilt 468 Kaleidoscope Diamond Fan 104x117

Quilt 471 Sun Dial 106x115

Quilt 49 Mariners Compass Star 103x116

Quilt 562 Star Log Cabin 104x114

Quilt 575 Completed Broken Star 103x118

Quilt 577 Broken Star Burst 104x115

Quilt 615 Compass Star 106x112

Quilt 661 Trip Around the Country Bride 100x114