Quilts to be sold May 17, 2011
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Quilt 235 Diamond 107x114

Quilt 412 Log Cabin 97x115

Quilt 48 Stars all Around with border 102x111

Quilt 485 Spring Blooms 104x116

Quilt 500 Wedding Ring 104x115

Quilt 57 Trip Around the Country Bride with Border 101x111

Quilt 97 Broken Mariners Compass 101x111

Quilt Top 140 4 Seasons Sun Bonnet Sue 106x118

Quilt Top 276 Leafy Log Cabin 99x99

Quilt Top 308 Rhapsody Song 104x116

Quilt Top 312 Dream 104x116

Quilt Top 315 Fabric Jewels 107x119

Quilt Top 388 Bears Paws in the Cabin 103x113

Quilt Top 511 Log Cabin Heart 89x100

Quit Top 42 Rose Boquet with border 100x110