Quilts to be sold March 15, 2011
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Quilt 12 Log Cabin Star 100x115

Quilt 127 Biblical Block Sample 100x112

Quilt 13 Spring Flower in Split Star 106x116

Quilt 280 Broken Star with flowers with border 109x118

Quilt 429 Pinwheel Log Cabin 102x114

Quilt 47 Blooming Cactus 102x115

Quilt 502 Rose of Sharon with border 104x114

Quilt 531 Peacock with border 104x115

Quilt 557 Star Gazing in the Garden 104x111

Quilt 576 Framed Rose Wreath 100x113

Quilt 580 Spring Blooms with border 104x115

Quilt 76 Mariners Compass 93x112

Quilt 92 Flowering Cactus Garden with border 97x110

Quilt Top 305 Log Cabin 101x111

Quilt Top 306 Buttterflies at the crossing 98x110