Quilts to be sold November 16, 2010
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Quilt 144 Country Grapes with border 104x115

Quilt 187 Log Cabin 8 point Stars 108x117

Quilt 200 Log Cabin 103x117

Quilt 217 Irish Chain with Hearts 97x110

Quilt 279 Partridge in a Pear Tree with border 106x115

Quilt 292 Country Rose with border 105x114

Quilt 31 Trip Around the World 104x115

Quilt 350 Wedding Ring and Bouquets with border 103x113

Quilt 356 Broken Twinkling Star 106x115

Quilt 40 Broken Twinkling Star 104x115

Quilt 449 Center Diamond 91x109

Quilt 470 Framed Lone Star with Stars 102x116

Quilt 485 Optical Illusion 103x112

Quilt 544 Confetti 104x114

Quilt 547 Starry Night 102x116

Quilt 558 Turkey Tracks 105x118

Quilt 635 Country Love with border 103x114

Quilt 637 Ribbon Sweetheart with border 104x114

Quilt 644 Spin Star 101x114

Quilt 671 Spinning Pinwheel 97x111

Quilt 876 Country Flower Bouquet with border 104x115

Quilt Top 405 Patchwork Diamonds 101x119

Quilt Top 425 Weaver Fever 95x111

Quilt Top 621 Wolf in Commons 99x111

Quilt Top 622 Boston Commons Marked for quilting 98x111

Wall Hanging 202 Berk County Hills 20x15

Wall Hanging Twilight over Blue Marsh 18x13