Quilts to be sold September 14, 2010
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Quilt 162 I promise you a rose garden 100x115

Quilt 167 Kenda 104x113

Quilt 17 Spin Star 105x115

Quilt 196 Log Cabin 103x119

Quilt 197 Flower Star 105x110

Quilt 231 Songbirds in the garden sampler 103x115 with border

Quilt 28 Improved Lone Star 100x111

Quilt 291 Dogwood Bouquet with border 103x113

Quilt 292 8 Point stars 109x119

Quilt 309 Flower Basket with border 102x111

Quilt 322 Trellis 102x113

Quilt 38 Starry Log Cabin 106x117

Quilt 41 trip Around the Flower Heart 97x112

Quilt 456 Vase of Flowers with border 101x117

Quilt 459 Star Gazing in the Garden 107x117

Quilt 465 Double Framed Flowers 108x119

Quilt 534 Stars all Around with border 104x114

Quilt 607 Broken Star with Stars 103x114

Quilt 608 Butterfly Garden with border 104x112

Quilt 698 Rose Bouquet with border 105x115

Quilt 737 Stars over the Cabin 106x116

Quilt 771 Grapes in the Flower Garden 104x115

Quilt 876 Puzzle Patchwork 104x115

Quilt Top 591 Wildlife Log Cabin 100x116