Quilts to be sold July 20, 2010
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Quilt 122 Mini Log Cabin 106x118 burg and navy

Quilt 127 Star in Square 90x110 Amish Colors

Quilt 153 Double Framed Flowers 105x115 blues

Quilt 207 Log Cabin 107x113 blue and burg

Quilt 221 Mini Star Log Cabin burg and green 106x116

Quilt 30 Broken Twinkling Star Burst 106x117 brown and pink

Quilt 36 Lone Star 106x117 Brown and Black

Quilt 365 Lone Star in Commons 107x117 multi

Quilt 396 Wig Rose with border 104x115 green and burg

Quilt 46 Sweetheart with border 103x114 multi

Quilt 460 rose Wreath in Common 99x112 multi

Quilt 469 Star Log Cabin 103x114 Brown and Gold

Quilt 473 Framed Star in Stars 107x115 multi

Quilt 486 Framed Flower Basket 104x119 multi

Quilt 49 Flower Star with border 103x112 purple and green spots on back

Quilt 51 Spin Star 102x113 brown and green

Quilt 55 8 point Star 107x118 multi spots on back

Quilt 584 Burgoyne Surrounded 81x97 burg

Quilt 674 Dahlia Log Cabin 90x115 blue and green

Quilt 757 Roses from the Heart Boquet 100x117 Purple and Green

Quilt 850 Kaleidoscope Trellis 107x117

Quilt top 268 Lovers Knot 96x112 multi

Quilt top Staright Furrows log Cabin 94x113 multi

Quit Top 14 Tulip Pinwheel 97x114 burg and green

Wall Hanging 532 41x41 Wall Hanging 533 44x44