Quilts to be sold May 18, 2010
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Quilt 142 Framed 8 point stars galore 106x110

Quilt 146 Spin Star 105x115

Quilt 147 Grapes in the flower garden with border 101x115

Quilt 148 Country Rose Garden with border 102x114

Quilt 160 Flowering Cactus Sampler with border 105x115

Quilt 179 Cathedral Window 95x105

Quilt 190 Crocheted Bed Cover and Table Cloth 88x89

Quilt 193 Antique yo-yo 88x90

Quilt 280 Rose Wreath with border 102x113

Quilt 31 Kaleidoscope Mariners Compass 103x117

Quilt 318 Flower Bouquets with border 106x114 spots

Quilt 32 Broken Star Fan 107x116

Quilt 323 Wedding bells and doves with border 105x113 spot

Quilt 350 Trip around the world 104x115

Quilt 352 Star Gazing in the Garden 107x114

Quilt 358 Stars in the Cabin 104x116

Quilt 393 Wedding ring 102x116

Quilt 401 Spin Star 102x116

Quilt 457 Framed Flowering Lily Spot 102x114

Quilt 458 Framed Improved Compass Star 107x117

Quilt 51 Log Cabin Fan 106x120

Quilt 512 Kaleidoscope Mariners Compass 111x118

Quilt 521 Wedding Ring 98x108

Quilt 76 Country Bride with border 102x113

Quilt 87 Broken Mariners Compass 106x118

Quilt Top 253 Weaver Fever 101x101

Quilt Top 257 Rose of Sharon in Commons 103x110

Quilt top 310 Broken Star Log Cabin 100x111