Quilts to be sold March 16, 2010
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Comfort 51 Old Knotted Dresden Plate 72x72

Comfort 52 Knotted 9 Patch Comfort 73x84

Quilt 167 Spring Flower Heart with border104x114

Quilt 202 Log Cabin 101x123

Quilt 323 Songbird wreath in Commons 103x118

Quilt 324 Ruffled Star 95x110

Quilt 335 Broken Star Fan 99x115

Quilt 340 Framed Star in log Cabin 106x117

Quilt 343 Broken Mariners Compass 104x113

Quilt 352 9 basket with border 102x114

Quilt 359 Love Doves with border 102x113 spot

Quilt 392 Rose of Sharon in Common 100x116

Quilt 408 Log Cabin 99x115

Quilt 431 Star Burst 104x114

Quilt 439 Stars in the Cabin 102x115

Quilt 447 Star in Square with border

Quilt 45 Broken Mariners Compass 109x110

Quilt 452 Log Cabin Pinwheel 100x113

Quilt 54 Summer Dream 85x94

Quilt 63 Flower Star with border 109x116

Quilt 64 Framed Flower Bouquet with border 105x117

Quilt 95 Split Star 103x117

Quilt Top 101 Victorian Log Cabin 104x111

Quilt Top 114 Navajo 99x116

Quilt Top 115 Braided Log Cabin 101x113

Quilt Top 121 Log Cabin Fan 99x111

Quilt Top Heart Borgello 99x116