Quilts to be sold January 19, 2010
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Quilt 157 Split Boston Commons 102x117

Quilt 22 Framed Flower Pots with border 102x113

Quilt 243 Star Framed Octagon Star 108x121

Quilt 262 Broken Twinkling Star 104x115

Quilt 270 Vase of Flowers in Patchwork 102 x 112

Quilt 275 Broken Mariners Compass 105x114

Quilt 30 Star in Stars 108x114

Quilt 34 Improved Twinkling Star 105x118

Quilt 43 Crazy Geometrics 104x112

Quilt 471 Honeycomb 105x110

Quilt 472 Framed Peacock with border 104x116

Quilt 48 Spring Glory with border 103x115

Quilt 490 Birds in a Wreath103x 112 with border

Quilt 492 Spring Flower Heart with border 105x110

Quilt 511 Stars all around with border 104x114

Quilt 513 Morning Glory Log Cabin with border 102x113

Quilt 519 Spin Star 103x114

Quilt 520 Kaleidoscope Flowers 109x119

Quilt 527 Barjello 94x107

Quilt 537 Framed Butterfly Haven 105x117

Quilt 568 Diamond Star 104x116

Quilt 58 Framed Star in Log Cabin 105x119

Quilt 583 Leafy Log Cabin 102x110

Quilt 597 Rainbow thru the window 101x115

Quilt Top 222 Floral Medallion 103x113

Quilt Top 412 Weaver Fever 98x113