Quilts to be sold November 17, 2009
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Quilt 157 Rose Trellis with border 104x116

Quilt 168 Split Star 103x117

Quilt 254 x stich home scene 94x96

Quilt 274 Crosstich Daisy 81x95

Quilt 307 Poppy Garden with border 105x117

Quilt 309 Stars over the cabin 104x114

Quilt 31 Flower Kalediascope 105x114

Quilt 327 Star Patchwork 104x118

Quilt 382 Spin Star 101x115

Quilt 385 Midnight Star 106x120

Quilt 399 Lone Star with Appliq 105x116

Quilt 424 Trip Around the star 111x113

Quilt 426 Trip Around the World 101x117

Quilt 48 Maple Leaf Patchwork 106x119

Quilt 543 Song Bird Haven 101x112

Quilt 545 Trip Around the World 102x111

Quilt 547 Framed Vines 102x112

Quilt 583 Falling Star 108x117

Quilt 599 Diamond Flower Garden 107x116

Quilt 602 Mini Log Cabin 105x119

Quilt 612 Rose of Sharon with border 100x115

Quilt 634 Stars and Stripes 105x118

Quilt Top 218 Tulip Around the Cabin 101x113

Quilt Top 428 Trip Around the Star 98x115

Quilt Top 513 Rail Fence 88x101

Wall Hanging Top 512 Rail Fence 29x29