Quilts to be sold July 21, 2009
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Crib Quilt 319 Dahlia Log Cabin 40x60

Quilt 132 Flower and Star Ring 110x119

Quilt 148 Wedding Bells and Doves with border 102x116

Quilt 170 Diamond Tiara 100x111

Quilt 182 Indian Wedding Ring 103x115

Quilt 203 Country Grapes with border 105x115

Quilt 231 Cath. Window 95x103

Quilt 236 Cath. Window 1 patch missing 95x104

Quilt 24 Country Flower Garden with border 104x115

Quilt 25 Flower and Star Ring 109x117 open seam

Quilt 264 Broken Star with Stars 109x1112

Quilt 28 Lily Garden with border 103x116

Quilt 324 Wedding Ring 94x114

Quilt 365 Trip Around the World 101x112

Quilt 443 Spin Star 104x116

Quilt 449 Flower Ring 102x116

Quilt 485 Kaledascope 108x118

Quilt 498 Broken Star with Tulips 106x118

Quilt 519 Trellis Patchwork 102x116

Quilt 520 9 patch with hearts 105x117

Quilt 528 Framed Scrappy Star 103x116

Quilt 530 Broken Mariners Compass 107x117

Quilt 556 Autumn Migration 106x118

Quilt 60 Framed Frayed Star 105x115

Quilt 70 Mariners Compass among the Stars 106x115

Quilt 73 Star Log Cabin103x116

Quilt 79 Star Spin 103x116

Quilt 92 Improved Broken Star Fan 105x119

Quilt Top 107 Log Cabin 101x111

Quilt Top 116 Howling Wolves 113x122

Quilt Top 315 Woven Star 101x109

Quilt Top 332 Boston Common 99x113

Quilt Top 421 Trip Around the Star 99x117

Quilt Top 423 Trip Around the Star 98x114

Wall Hanging 213 Diamond Jubilee 40x55

Wall Hanging 214 Primitive Star 40x53