Quilts to be sold May 19, 2009
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Quilt 453 Completed Broken Star 105x119

Quilt 160 Mariners Compass 104x116

Quilt 17 Log Cabin 101x 115 (3)

Quilt 172 Lancaster Treasure with border 103x115

Quilt 177 Completed Broken Star 103x117

Quilt 21 Rose Garden with border 101x114

Quilt 22 Mini Star Log Cabin 103x115

Quilt 232 Star Log Cabin 105x116

Quilt 278 Scrap 73x82

Quilt 316 Boston Commons 97x110

Quilt 347 Mini Star in Log Cabin 105x115

Quilt 357 Trip around the World 96x114

Quilt 401 Spin Star 103x117

Quilt 407 Framed Flower in Commons 104x115

Quilt 41 Country Rose in Commons with border 103x114

Quilt 570 Country Grape 104x117

Quilt 604 Songbird Jungle with border 104x114

Quilt 607 Kaledascope 108x117

Quilt 642 Spin Star 103x117

Quilt 71 Snowflake 100x109

Quilt 72 Star in Square with border 105x117

Quilt Top 286 Howling Wolf 100x110

Quilt Top 287 Flying Eagle 95x107

Quilt Top 288 Tulips around the Cabin 104x116

Quilt Top 289 Stars over Georgetown 101x113

Quilt Top 294 Dahlia Log Cabin 94x115

Quilt Top 478 Trip Around the Star 105x116

Quilt Top 484 Trip Around the Star 99x115

Quilt Top 492 Trip Around the Star 98x114

Quilt Top 664 Leafy Log Cabin 106x115

Quilt Top 94 Square Puzzle 103x105

Quilt Top 95 Mirror Cutting 108x112

Quilt Top 96 Mirror Cutting 114x114

Quilt top 89 Log Cabin 99x113

Wall Hanging 580 Glory Cross 26x35