Quilts to be sold March 24, 2009
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Crib Quilt Top Cross Stitch Noah's Ark 39x59

Quilt 141 Bethlehem Star 109x117

Quilt 163 Improved Compass Star 104x115

Quilt 178 Double Framed Flowers 105x116

Quilt 242 Broken Star 108x118

Quilt 25 Morning Glory with border 103x114

Quilt 302 Cathedral Window 92x104

Quilt 31 Peacoock in Common with border 103x115

Quilt 329 Irish Chain Star 106x114

Quilt 336 Broken Star with Tulips 98x114

Quilt 36 Songbird with border 104x113

Quilt 38 Star in Split Compass 104x112

Quilt 40 Spin Star 103x114

Quilt 531 Patriotic 103x115

Quilt 535 Country Rose with Boder 103x115

Quilt 541 Ribbon Sweetheart with border 105x115

Quilt 560 Completed Broken Star 106x116

Quilt 579 Cross Stitch Flowers 89x101

Quilt 641 Trellis Patchwork 104x116

Quilt 647 Kaladescope Mariners Compass 101x115

Quilt 665 Wedding Ring with Flowers and with Border 103x119

Quilt 691 Star Spin 102x116

Quilt 81 Spin Star 100x117

Quilt 86 Broken Star 100x112

Quilt 87 Flowers and Bows 101x114

Quilt 89 Framed Improved Lone Star 103x116

Quilt Top 104 Log Cabin 101x110

Quilt Top 115 Embroidered Tractor 66x86

Quilt Top 249 Horses in the Cabin 113x113

Quilt Top 250 Wild Animals in the Cabin 114x115

Quilt Top 268 Starry Night 101x112

Quilt Top 269 Star in Common 103x114

Quilt Top 273 Log Cabin 73x96

Quilt Top 276 Kansas Troubles 101x116

Quilt Top 284 Star Spin 98x116

Quilt Top 285 Stars over Georgetown 101x112

Quilt Top 384 Rhapsody Song 104x115

Quilt Top 386 Virginia Star 110x120

Quilt Top Blooms of Love 101x107

Quit 219 Broken Rising Star 104x115

Quit 246 Rose of Sharon with border 106x115

Quit Top 267 Broken Star Log Cabin 96x110

Wall Hanging Top 121 Rhapsody 48x44