Quilts to be sold January 20, 2009
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Crib Quilt 352 49x53

Crib Quilt Jack in the Box 40x54

Quilt 154 Mariners Compass 103x116

Quilt 183 Star in Stars 107x116

Quilt 190 Roses in the Ocean Wave 104x124 faded spot

Quilt 201 Country Love with border 102x114

Quilt 205 Scrappy Lone Star 105x117

Quilt 212 Leafy Irish Chain 103x117

Quilt 234 Log Cabin Star 96x109

Quilt 32 Split Star 104x113

Quilt 348 Sampler 96x102

Quilt 349 Village Scene 89 x103

Quilt 379 Lone Star in the Cabin 103x115

Quilt 42 Cloudy Star Burst 103x115

Quilt 473 Country Rose with border 101x115

Quilt 475 Heart of Rose with border 104x115

Quilt 478 Country Love with border 103x113

Quilt 487 Country Love with border 101x113

Quilt 550 Antique 4 Patch 97x109

Quilt 66 Mariners Compass among the Stars 107x119

Quilt 76 Log Cabin 89x116

Quilt Top 81 Floral Medallion 102x113

Quilt Top 101 Log Cabin 99x115

Quilt Top 102 Log Cabin 119x119

Quilt Top 229 Love Ring 110x114

Quilt Top 262 Horses in the Cabin 114x115

Quilt Top 276 Light in the Valley 98x121

Quilt Top 432 Stack and Wack 91x111

Quilt Top 500 Celtice Rose 101x115

Quilt Top 546 Horses 90x96

Quilt Top 547 Eagle 97x100

Quilt Top 548 Wolf 101x109

Quilt Top 557 Star in Common 116x115

Quilt Top 559 Star in Common 100x114

Quilt Top 560 Star in Common 102x115

Quilt Top 561 Star in Common 100x 114

Quilt Top 97 Log Cabin Star 118x118

Quilt Top 99 Log Cabin 99x116

Table Runners 581& 582 46x20 & 43x20

Wall Hanging 364 Winter Scene 22x31

Wall Hanging Apples 41x46